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A few words from some of my lovely clients

 I strongly recommend Organise Me Marbella. Felicia is the best. She knows exactly what she's doing and she does it with love. She took my home to another level and it was very easy to follow on her system and maintain the neatness. Not only that, she was always at our disposal when we needed anything else.

Keep up your awesomeness!

Amal Al-Fouzan

"Where has Organise Me been all my life? Wow wow and wow the service received from the amazing Felicia was incredible! I bought a new holiday home and was in a hurry to move in before Christmas. I work full time and have 4 children, trying to juggle all that and set my new home up was pretty impossible until I was recommended Organise Me. Felicia is like my fairy godmother, sorting my cupboards, organising my kitchen, even putting up my Christmas tree and wrapping presents. Thank you for making my time with my children extra special in our new home. Without you I would have been stressed, angry and tired. You took all that away and ensured I spent quality time with my children. I have now booked more hours as your service is invaluable to me. Thank you for everything!"

Clare Quinn

"I am so happy I hired Organise Me to get my home sorted out. Felicia not only created a system that me and my children can maintain but she has changed my way of thinking and thanks to that my day-to-day life is so much easier.
I still can't get over the wow-factor when I open up the closets and feel like I'm stepping in to a boutique!
I recommend Organise Me to everyone I meet, Felicia is effective, honest and very positive.
It was a massive step for me to let someone in to my private spaces but Felicia was so professional and made me feel safe and comfortable.
I can not express my appreciation enough, both during the progress and after I felt these giant weights being lifted off my shoulders. Thanks for you all your amazing help!"

Malin Turlock

"Hiring a professional organiser was one of the best things I have ever done. Felicia helped me clear so much space and took all my items to the local charity shop for me. I had multiple spaces organised and I could not be happier. My house is so organised now and I have a system that is easy to maintain.  I would recommend Felicia to anyone feeling too overwhelmed to tackle their clutter by themselves."

Catherine Stephenson

"Working full time with 2 children, I found it difficult to keep my cupboards, storage spaces and children’s areas in order at home, as I struggle to find the time to get it all done.  I hired Felicia of Organise Me to come in and not only declutter, but organise everything for me.  She helped me realise what was important to keep and what was not. She transformed all the areas I needed help with and now that I have everything in order it all just looks amazing! I have so much more space than before, it all feels fresh and organised and I can see everything I have that I now need.  I would recommend Felica of Organise Me to anybody that needs a professional organiser for any part of their life.  I would like to thank her for her attention to detail and motivation to get it all done so perfectly."

Henrietta Corker

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